Duffer brothers confirm no new characters in ‘Stranger Things’ season 5

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Duffer brothers confirm no new characters in 'Stranger Things' season 5

No matter what season of Netflix’s smash hit, Stranger Things you are currently on, chances are that it has already been packed to the brim with shocking moments. However, the show’s creators, the Duffer brothers, have confirmed that season five may have the most significant shock of all; no new characters.

In the most recent season of Stranger Things we were introduced to the spectacular brilliance of Joseph Quinn as Eddie Munson. The heavy metal-loving ‘freak’ ends up becoming a pivotal figure in the group’s fight against Vecna and the monsters in the Upside Down. Prior to that, the show has always dropped in plot-driven characters.

In season two, we saw the arrival of Max and her brother Billy; in season three, it was the turn of Maya Hawke’s character Robin to steal the show. It has become a trait of the show to welcome (and often kill off) new characters in almost every season. However, next season the cast will remain rooted.

The revelation came as part of the after-show season four edition of Netflix Geeked when Matt and Ross Duffer sat down to answer audience questions. The duo were then asked how they manage to keep so many character arcs moving forward; Matt’s reply revealed that they might not have to worry much for next season: “We’re stopping. We’re not adding any more characters in season five. I promise.”

In another interview with Collider, the directing duo confirmed that the original cast of ghoul-fighting kids would be reunited in season five, having spent much of the recent seasons split across the country chasing their own narratives.

It could be a pivotal move, much like the Avengers, that cements Stranger Things as one of the cultural touchpoints of our time.