Dominic West offered to quit Prince’s Trust over role in ‘The Crown’
(Credit: Netflix)

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Dominic West offered to quit Prince’s Trust over role in ‘The Crown’

Dominic West provides a rather controversial portrayal of Prince [King] Charles in the Netflix series The Crown. As an ambassador for the charity the Prince’s Trust, this left him in a rather compromised position, and he has since offered to vacate his ambassadorial role for the organisation.

West has developed a close relationship with Charles and his charity over the years. He has used his public standing to help raise funds for the charity. However, he recognised that his role in The Crown might have jeopardised this. 

 His suggestion of voluntarily stepping down has, however, been muted by the charity. It has been reported that King Charles’ private secretary simply told West: “You do what you like, you’re an actor.”

While the series has been questioned over sensationalising several events in the history of the royal family and passing them off as genuine, it would appear that the new King is content to accept the series as a work of fiction and separate that from West’s outlook. 

Season five of the hit series is set to land on Netflix on November 9th and it is being touted as the most dramatic outing yet. 

“These are the stories that everyone knows about because they’re history, but then there’s all the quiet little dramas going on underneath that people don’t know about. Drama with a capital D!” Imelda Staunton proclaimed.