Do not miss out on this hilarious comedy streaming on Netflix
(Credit: Netflix)


Do not miss out on this hilarious comedy streaming on Netflix

Netflix has a wide variety of content across all genres and given our current situation with a raging pandemic, political turmoil and devastating climate change, there cannot be a better time than now for us to binge on unlimited comedic content. 

While the streaming giant has a long list of hilarious titles under the comedy genre, there is a film from the 1990s that is taking viewers by storm. Ladies and gentlemen, this underdog comedy film streaming on Netflix is called Major Payne. 

Directed by Nick Castle, this 90-minute long film from 1995 stars Orlando Brown, Damon Wayans, Steven Martini and Karyn Parsons, among others. It is about a discharged major who is assigned the duty of commanding a bunch of mismatched ragtag cadets who seem hopeless. 

The title itself is a pun on the word pain and sees the blend of the real with the ridiculous. Despite its low rating on Rotten Tomatoes, Netflix users seem to love it. If you need any more assurance, Roger Ebert seemed to love the film.

Underrated with a lot of brilliant performances, especially from Wayans, the film pokes fun at the disciplined yet sadistic instructors who love wreaking havoc on new recruits.

With certain moments, this film is definitely worth checking out.