Discover the filming locations for ‘One Day’
(Credits: Netflix)


Discover the filming locations for 'One Day'

Netflix’s latest romance series, One Day, has been receiving rave reviews from critics and audiences alike, which has been adapted from David Nicholls’ book of the same name and Lone Sherfig’s 2011 movie version.

Since the series takes place over many years and ends in 2003, various locations are featured, from cobbled Edinburgh streets to sunny holiday locations.

If you want to walk in the same footsteps as Emma and Dexter (minus that tragic ending), fear not; we’ve compiled a list of everywhere One Day was filmed. 

The pair meet in Edinburgh, where they’ve both attended university, and spend a night together in Emma’s flat. After their initial meeting at The Old College and subsequent ‘failed’ one-night stand, they walk up to Arthur’s Seat, which plays a pivotal role in the last episode of the series.

Saying goodbye on Vennel Steps, the pair don’t reunite in person in the next episode – Emma is part of a travelling theatre group, and Dexter is off holidaying in Rome with his family. We see him interact with his mother in the Trastevere quarter of the city. They sit together on the terrace of the Bio Hotel Raphaël.

We then see Emma start working at a restaurant, with Hammersmith’s Old Suffolk Punch providing the backdrop for these scenes. However, she gets a break from her dull job with a trip to Greece, heading to Paros with Dexter.

One Day sees Emma and Dexter struggle to stay together over the years, and in several episodes, we see each character dating someone else. In episode nine, Dexter visits his posh girlfriend’s parents, with Bennington Lordship used as the setting for their home.

Emma’s university best friend, Tilly, ties the knot in a later episode, which takes place at Hatfield House, also located in Hertfordshire.

Finally, another critical location is Paris, where Emma lives near the end of the series. She walks across the Rue Pierre Semard with Dexter as they catch up.

One Day is available to stream now.