Discover the complete soundtrack for Lindsay Lohan’s rom-com ‘Irish Wish’
(Credits: Netflix)

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Discover the complete soundtrack for Lindsay Lohan's rom-com 'Irish Wish'

In the early 2000s, it seemed as though Lindsay Lohan was set for success, with roles in movies such as Mean GirlsConfessions of a Teenage Drama Queen and Freaky Friday establishing her as a teen idol.

Lohan’s career as an acclaimed actor failed to take off, but the past few years have seen her attempt to reestablish herself as a star. After signing a deal with Netflix, Lohan starred in the festive Falling For Christmas in 2022, which was praised as being the perfect yuletide rom-com. 

Now she’s made her second movie with the streamer – Irish Wish – which sees her star alongside Ed Speleers and Ayesha Curry. The fantasy rom-com was directed by Janeen Damien, who also helmed Falling For Christmas. 

The movie follows Lohan’s Maddie, a book editor who has fallen for Paul, an author, who ends up proposing to her best friend, Emma. As Maddie prepares to attend the wedding, she meets a fairy who grants her a wish, which she uses to get Paul to marry her, not Emma. 

However, the film sees her meet another man, James, who might just be the right man for her after all. Sadly for Lohan, Irish Wish has received terrible reviews so far, including a one-star rating from Best of Netflix.

We said: “If you’re in the mood for a cinematic disaster that’s the equivalent of a rom-com salad made from the leftovers of every other rom-com you’ve ever seen, then Irish Wish might be right up your alley.”

Still, regardless of whether you enjoyed the movie or not, you might have questions about the soundtrack, which features a blend of pre-existing tracks and an original score. 

Nathan Lanier provided the movie with its Irish-inspired instrumental score, while Michael Damien, the director’s husband, created the track ‘Wild Irish Heart’ just for the film. 

Discover the entire soundtrack to Lohan’s movie below, which contains a wide array of popular tunes, from David Bowie’s classic ‘Let’s Dance’ and ‘September’ by Earth, Wind and Fire to New Hope Club’s ‘Just Don’t Know It Yet’.

Irish Wish soundtrack:

  • ‘For Real’ – JoyBird
  • ‘I Belong To You’ – Caro Emerald
  • ‘Armor’ – Aliana Lohan
  • ‘Wild Irish Heart’ – Michael Damian
  • ‘Drowsy Maggie’ – Studio City Sound Productions
  • ‘Just Don’t Know It Yet’ – New Hope Club
  • ‘September’ – Earth, Wind & Fire
  • ‘Goody Two Shoes’ – Adam Ant
  • ‘Let’s Dance’ – David Bowie
  • ‘Perfectly Imperfect’ – Declan J Donovan
  • ‘Comin’ Home’ – Aliana Lohan