Diane Keaton film enters Netflix’s most popular section
(Credit: Netflix)


Diane Keaton film enters Netflix's most popular section

Diane Keaton is like a dream, and what’s better than being able to watch her live life to the fullest? Spoiler alert, nothing!

The 2019 comedy flick Poms, starring Keaton, is on Netflix and has recently garnered quite a lot of popularity on the ‘Most Popular panel, featuring on number 8, right behind the likes of The Losers, The Last Mercenary, Five Feet Apart and more. 

Although the film, according to the self-explanatory title, is about cheerleading, it does not focus on a group of teenage boys and girls caught in a messy web of love, envy and friendships. Instead, it focuses on the story of a shy and reserved woman named Martha, who is not remotely interested in events such as shuffleboard or bowling or golf. 

After she moves to a retirement community, she befriends a fun woman named Sheryl, with whom she starts a cheerleading squad, along with the other residents. It is indeed a fun movie with lots of laughter, happy tears and fun, with the underlying message of having fun irrespective of one’s age being conveyed brilliantly. 

Diane Keaton and Jacki Weaver star as Martha and Sheryl respectively in this Zara hayes film. They are joined by Rhea Perlman as Olive, Pam Grier as Alice, Alisha Boe as Chloe, Celia Weston as Vicki, Charlie Tahan as Ben, Carol Sutton as Ruby, Phyllis Somerville as Helen, among others. Keaton, 75, will soon be seen in Katie Aselton’s Mack & Ritaalongside Taylour Paige, known for her performance in Ma Rainey’s Black Bottom.