Denzel Washington’s ‘The Equalizer 3’ is the number one film on Netflix
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Denzel Washington's ‘The Equalizer 3’ is the number one film on Netflix

Denzel Washington’s latest action extravaganza, The Equalizer 3, has climbed to the number one position on Netflix. Directed by Antoine Fuqua, the film marks the final instalment in The Equalizer trilogy.

The Equalizer 3 continues the saga of Robert McCall, portrayed by the legendary Denzel Washington, a retired US Marine and DIA officer. McCall seeks solace in Southern Italy after leaving behind his life as a government assassin. The plot unfolds as McCall discovers that his newfound friends in a quaint Italian town, Altamonte, are under the oppressive control of local crime bosses belonging to the Camorra. The story kicks off at a secluded winery in Sicily, where McCall takes on crime enforcer Lorenzo Vitale and his henchmen to retrieve stolen money.

As the story progresses, McCall becomes entangled in the Camorra’s menacing operations to take over Altamonte for commercialisation purposes. The vigilante hero protects the town, facing off against the ruthless Camorra and their attempts to coerce villagers into submission. 

The film is full of action-packed sequences and boasts a star-studded cast, with Dakota Fanning, Eugenio Mastrandrea, David Denman, Gaia Scodellaro, and Remo Girone in pivotal supporting roles. Fuqua’s direction and Washington’s reprisal of the iconic role have resonated well with audiences worldwide.

The film’s conclusion hints at a potential future instalment or prequel. Fuqua has expressed interest in exploring the origins of Robert McCall, either through de-ageing technology for Washington or by considering actors like John David Washington or Michael B. Jordan for the role. 

The Equalizer 3 marks the fifth collaboration—The Magnificent Seven remake and Training Day being the other two apart from the trilogy—between Fuqua and Washington, so it is no surprise they would want to work again if there is another instalment in the series. However, there are no concrete plans as of now, as Fuqua told Screenrant, “No, we’re just talking right now. Different things. I don’t know yet. This is so fresh for me. I just finished a film last week, but I’m looking forward to seeing him and just having dinner really right now.”

Speaking of how the third instalment was all about finding a home for McCall, Fuqua also said, “Richard Wenk wrote a great script. We talked a lot about it. We talked a lot about it in Equalizer 2. During breaks, we discussed these things, and it was really about finding a home for Robert McCall.” Now that McCall has found a peaceful enough retirement, maybe a fourth installment will not come out anytime soon.

You can watch Denzel Washington’s The Equalizer 3 on Netflix and catch the trailer here: