David Harbour shares pictures from Stranger Things set
Credit: Netflix

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David Harbour shares pictures from Stranger Things set

David Harbour has shared a hilarious behind the scenes picture from Netflix’s Stranger Things ahead of the show’s upcoming fourth season that has generated a lot of excitement and anticipation from fans

Harbour, who plays Jim Hopper, the Chief Police of Hawkins, and is inarguably one of the best characters, will next be seen as Red Guardian in Black Widow, making his Marvel debut in the process. An absolute fan favourite, Harbour has always entertained fans by providing them with various snippets from the sets of the popular show Stranger Things despite Netflix trying to maintain a high level of secrecy. 

Harbour never shies away from giving insights into the upcoming season, whether he compares it with the series Lost or dishes out on his “fatherly” relationship with Millie Bobby Brown. 

Season three had ended on an ambiguous note with Hopper presumably dead. However, a recent teaser titled ‘From Russia, With Love’ showed that Hopper is alive and kicking- in Russia- waiting to go back to his family in Hawkins. 

Harbour, who is basking in the glory of his character’s survival, took to Instagram to share a photo with a Jim Hopper puppet, adding a hilarious caption that signifies the “bromance” between him and his character.

Talking to Collider about the upcoming season which was “bigger” in scale and scope, Harbour said, “We, locale-wise, we’re bigger. We’re introducing new stuff, but we’re also tightening and wrapping up in a certain direction to make it have a clear, clean, specific, and definite ending at some point, which I can’t really talk about.”

Calling it his “favourite season”, Harbour revealed that the fourth season would delve deeper into Hopper’s past and provide a backstory to all the checkboxes that Eleven came across in Hopper’s life, titled ‘Dad’, ‘New York’ and ‘Vietnam’. 

Talking about how fan reactions to the season would vary, he said, “Like I feel it’s a big, beautiful season. I can’t wait for people to see it.”

Scheduled for a 2022 release, check out Harbour’s Instagram post below: