David Harbour names the song that would stop Vecna’s curse on ‘Stranger Things’
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David Harbour names the song that would stop Vecna's curse on ‘Stranger Things’

In a new interview, Stranger Things David Harbour has named the song he’d choose to stave off Vecna, the programme’s central villain.

The character made its entrance in Stranger Things 4, and Vecna can haunt his victims, which could eventually lead to their death. There is one way to escape him, however, which is for the possessed soul to listen to their favourite song. For example, Max was saved by the monster because of her love of Kate Bush’s ‘Running Up That Hill (Deal With God)’.

Fortunately for Harbour’s character, town sheriff Jim Hopper, he didn’t need to fight off Vecna. However, in a new interview with E! News, the actor has revealed what his choice would be and referred to his own music taste as “embarrassing”.

“It’s just so embarrassing, my taste in music, I rarely reveal it. My sort of college years were the early ’90s. So that’s really where music really became very important,” Harbour said. He then went on to namecheck Stone Temple Pilots and Counting Crows as his two favourites.

Speaking about the latter, Harbour said Counting Crows’ ‘Mr. Jones’ from 1993’s August And Everything After would be his song of choice to save him from Vecna. “I’m sure [that song] would bring me back,” the actor joked, “Bring me back to college!”.

Harbour had a different answer in June when he told Uproxx, “I guess, should Vecna capture me now, it would be [Tones And I’s ‘Dance Monkey’]. In general, it’s terrible ’90s rock ballads, the stuff that I listened to when I was smoking weed in college. Like ‘Drops Of Jupiter’ [by Train]… I’m showing my ’90s, but yeah, that would be it for me.”