Dave Chappelle stage attacker won’t receive felony charge
(Credit: Netflix / Mathieu Bitton)

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Dave Chappelle stage attacker won't receive felony charge

Felony charges have not been made against the man who attacked Dave Chappelle whilst he was performing on stage at the Netflix Is a Joke festival at Hollywood Bowl. 

Taking place at the very end of the performance when Chappelle was thanking the previous acts including Chris Rock, Jon Stewart and Leslie Jones, the attack occurred when a 23-year-old man named Isaiah Lee took to the stage armed with a replica gun capable of ejecting a knife and knocked Chappelle to the floor.

Unharmed, the comedian returned to the stage to complete his set, making light of the situation by suggesting that the attacker “was a trans man”, a reference to the controversy he had caused in the transgender community following comments he made in 2021. 

A statement released by the Los Angeles County District Attorney’s Office reads, “After reviewing the evidence, prosecutors determined that while criminal conduct occurred, the evidence as presented did not constitute felony conduct…The District Attorney’s Office does not prosecute misdemeanour crimes within the city of Los Angeles”. 

Handed onto the Los Angeles City’s Attorney’s Office, Lee has been charged with four misdemeanours, including one count of battery and possession of a deadly weapon with intent to assault. 

An interview with Lee’s brother, Aaron Lee, for the publication Rolling Stone shed necessary light on the situation, with his relative stating that Isaiah has had a history of mental health issues.