Dani Guriri made ‘The Walking Dead’ team watch ‘Bridgerton’ for inspiration
(Credits: Best of Netflix / YouTube Still)


Dani Guriri made ‘The Walking Dead’ team watch ‘Bridgerton’ for inspiration

Rick Grimes and Michonne, played by Andrew Lincoln and Danai Gurira, respectively, will reunite on The Walking Dead, following a six-year-long wait from fans of the zombie TV show.

Their reunion is coming in the new spinoff series The Walking Dead: The Ones Who Live, and when discussing the show on a recent press tour, Lincoln, Gurira and showrunner Scott Gimple admitted to watching a surprising period drama for inspiration.

“There was some Bridgerton homework that Danai assigned,” Gimple told The Hollywood Reporter, with Gurira following up, “It’s not about relating to it, it’s about a love story that accomplished what it was proposing.”

She added, “It had a very clear world, it had very clear characters, very clear pursuits, very clear storyline arc.”

Gurira continued, “The satisfaction that I feel, the reason [the show] is so popular, is there’s a satisfaction that the love stories cumulate and I wanted [Andrew and Scott], because of course they hadn’t watched it, so I wanted them — I would just text them key scenes, I’d tape them on my phone, just for them to see what this is and you see why this works.”

She signed off on the matter, “There are really scenes where even the characters aren’t sure of what they’re doing, or they’re doing things that aren’t quite what they want to be doing or they’re working against their real goals or their real heart, but the love is clear and the language works with it so beautifully.”

Check out the trailer for The Ones Who Live below.