Crew for Netflix series ‘The Sandman’ spotted at Durdle Door

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Crew for Netflix series ‘The Sandman’ spotted at Durdle Door

It has been reported that the highly anticipated second series of The Sandman is currently being filmed with crew spotted at Durdle Door Beach in Dorset. The actor Tom Sturridge was spotted shooting a scene for the American fantasy drama on the beach alongside a crowd of filming and ancillary staff. 

Over the past few weeks, filming crews have also been seen in Parkstone Cemetery in Poole, leading to speculation regarding the Sandman project. The beloved DC comic adaption’s first season aired in 2022 to a chorus of rave reviews. 

Sturridge portrays the central character, Morpheus, who seeks to regain his powers over the dreams and nightmares of those sleeping around the world following his escape from imprisonment. Morpheus is part of a family known as the Endless, which also includes Death and Desire. 

A spokesperson for Bournemouth, Christchurch and Poole Council confirmed a production company filmed at the Parkstone Cemetery for one day, and local residents had been notified in advance. “We have worked with the company to ensure that the location within the cemetery has been chosen sensitively,” the spokesperson announced. 

“Existing gravestones will not be in the foreground of shots, no names will be on display, and there will be no burials taking place whilst they film.”

Durdle Door Beach, located on the Lulworth Estate, was reportedly closed for a number of days during the filming. During this period, Sturridge could be spotted in front of the cameras dressed from neck to toe in black, casting a ghostly figure across the sand. Meanwhile, a second actor, dressed in white, appeared to be holding a lyre – an instrument made from animal horns. 

Location crews have also been sighted scouring at Sandbanks on the edge of Poole Harbour.

While we await the follow-up, recap on the first season of The Sandman below.