Creepy film ‘Aftermath’ on Netflix freaks viewers out
(Credit: Netflix)


Creepy film ‘Aftermath’ on Netflix freaks viewers out

2021 film Aftermath is now streaming on Netflix, and subscribers are freaked out by the eerie and horrifying atmosphere of the film, which is supposedly based on a true story. 

Starring Ashley Greene, Sharif Atkins and Shawn Ashmore, the film focuses on the horrors that a young couple grapples with as they move into their new home and try to salvage their marriage. However, the unsettling events that unfold as a result of the house’s troubled past have other plans in store. 

From getting stalked to suddenly finding their property being up for sale, sinister events surrounding the couple’s lives start to unravel as soon as they move into the new house. It is disturbing and terrifying to say the list and have made viewers uncomfortable and perturbed. 

It is based on the story of Jerry Rice and Janice Ruther, who had, like in the movie, moved into their new home when creepy events started clouding their lives. 

Netflix has a pretty impressive line-up of horror films on its list. With Friday the 13th approaching next week, it is time to delve into some of these that include zeitgeist classics such as Rosemary’s Baby, The Exorcist, and fairly new titles, including Ari Aster’s extremely disturbing flicks Hereditary and Midsommar as well as Jordan Peele’s Get Out. 

Quite recently, Netflix started streaming the Fear Street trilogy based on R.L. Stine’s books. Although they are nearly not as scary as the above-mentioned titles, it reeks of the nostalgia of the ‘90s as they focus on various sinister events plaguing a town’s history. 

Aftermath, however, might leave you sleepless as various viewers have tweeted about their terrifying experience after the credits stopped rolling. One even described it as “pure, mind-numbing entertainment” 

Take a look at some of the tweets that subscribers have left, praising the film for having creeped them out considerably: