Craig McCracken’s ‘Kid Cosmic’ renewed on Netflix for seasons 2 and 3
(Credit: Kid Cosmic)


Craig McCracken’s ‘Kid Cosmic’ renewed on Netflix for seasons 2 and 3

Netflix animated series Kid Cosmic has been renewed for seasons two and three, it has been confirmed, with the second season set to premiere on September 7, 2021. 

Created by Craig McCracken, who had previously forayed into the superhero cartoon genre with The Powerpuff Girls and is a two-time Emmy recipient, Kid Cosmic is a popular show on Netflix. It features the voices of Jack Fisher, Amanda C. Miller, Keith Ferguson, Fred Tatasciore, Lily-Rose Silver, Bobby Moynihan, Tom Kenny, Cree Summer and Kin Yarbrough. 

Kid Cosmic was conceptualised by McCracken, who made a comic strip inspired by an idea of a kid becoming a superhero and changing the face of reality. He wanted to boost the confidence of children while also reflecting on his young years when he wanted to become an artist. 

Talking about the whole process as well as the wonderful ideas that occurred to him via the process of creating the series, McCracken said, “It was really quick and quite an incredible experience”. Due to the coronavirus pandemic, production was slowed down, with the team having to work from home to ensure completion. 

The series is about the miscellaneous adventures and escapades of an imaginative and cheerful kid named Jo, who lives with his grandfather in a small town in the desert. He dreams of becoming a superhero, and soon his dreams turn into reality when he stumbles upon five Cosmic Stones of Power hidden in a broken spaceship. He quickly assembles a band of local heroes to prevent the aliens from taking back the stones. 

Season two or Kid Cosmic and the Intergalactic Truckstop! will focus on jo learning the purpose and skills of leadership and the Local heroes going on an exciting space adventure to locate the rest of the stones that can reportedly save the entire galaxy.