Consultant says ‘Baby Reindeer’s inspiration is owed an apology
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Consultant says 'Baby Reindeer's inspiration is owed an apology

In the wake of the Netflix show Baby Reindeer hitting streaming services, TV consultants have come forward saying that the inspiration for the character of Martha is owed an apology.

This stems from aspiring comedian Fiona Harvey being identified as the probable inspiration behind the Richard Gadd-penned series. The show involves the main character Martha, played by Jessica Gunning, dealing with a stalker.

In an interview with Piers Morgan, consultant Duane Dedman said that Harvey should be owed an apology for how she was depicted, saying, “Personally, arguably, yes [Netflix owes Ms Harvey an apology], but I guess this will play out in the courts. And I guess Netflix are deliberately being tight-lipped about this because perhaps they have a robust case to rebut her claims.”

Harvey first went to court after seeing how overblown many of the scenes depicted what was presumably her life story. Though there had been disclaimers on the episodes saying that they were loosely based on true events, Harvey said that some of the sensationalized aspects weren’t real, including a storyline where she went to prison.

Dedman also said that the justification for including fiction in the series doesn’t make sense, explaining, “The short answer is I have no idea how Netflix can justify saying this is a true story and then, at the end of the end credits, say something like, some scenes were fictionalised, and the characters conflated.”

Of course, Harvey’s experience with Gadd wasn’t without similarities. Outside of the storyline, both Harvey and the character shared similar experiences with Gadd and his sensationalised character, Donny, on the show. However, she has denied that she had allegedly sent thousands of emails to him as is depicted in the series.

In the wake of the different liberties Netflix had taken with her story, Harvey’s lawsuit for $170million argued that she was owed compensation for what was seen as defamation of character. That hasn’t stopped Baby Reindeer from earning praise from its peers, with Gadd eventually picking up an award for the series at the Gothan TV Awards.

In the wake of their recent lawsuit, Netflix has stood by Gadd’s vision, arguing that he has the right to tell his story as he sees fit. As of yet, there has been no settlement between Netflix and Ms. Harvey.