‘Conquest’: Netflix spent at least $55 million on show without a finished episode
(Credit: Netflix)


'Conquest': Netflix spent at least $55 million on show without a finished episode

The director of 47 Ronin, Carl Rinsch, had been working on a science fiction series with Netflix that was picked up by the streaming service for $61.2million following a lengthy and intense bidding war.

Netflix then put at least $55million into the show, but Rinsch did not manage to complete a single episode. Reports suggest that the director’s behaviour on set led to unworkable conditions, and now the show has been abandoned.

Rinsch had repeatedly talked about strange theories concerning the origin of the Covid-19 virus and used much of his Netflix money to buy cryptocurrency as soon as the streaming service pulled the plug.

The director is currently seeking $14million from Netflix, citing a breach of contract as the reason. The science fiction series was called Conquest, and back in 2018, when it was first pitched, it was considered hot property.

Amazon had initially been interested in the project, but Netflix came in at the final hour with a better off. The narrative of Conquest focuses on artificial humans called the Organic Intelligent (O.I.), who are deployed as peacekeepers around the globe.

Rinsch had complete control over the creative and financial decisions of Conquest but had already been in the middle of a string of legal problems during the creation of the proof of concept episodes.

His 47 Ronin movie had been critically panned and was a box office bomb.