Will ‘Code 8’ return to Netflix for a third instalment?
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Will ‘Code 8’ return to Netflix for a third instalment?

With Code 8: Part 2 proving to be quite the hit on Netflix, fans are already discussing the prospect of a third run for the successful franchise. 

The sci-fi action movie series stars cousins Stephen and Robbie Amell, who also serve as producers. Meanwhile, the movies are directed by Jeff Chan and inspired by a 2016 short film of the same title. 

The story is centred on Connor Reed, portrayed by Robbie Amell, a young man with superhuman abilities. To financially support his sick mother, Connor gets involved with a group of criminals, utilising his special powers to assist them in their shady endeavours.

Following a short stint in the cinemas, Coda 8: Part 2 arrived on Netflix as an original production for the platform in February 2024. It was the sequel to the first Coda 8 movie, which landed in 2020. 

At present, it is unconfirmed whether the sequel will be graced with a follow-up, namely Coda 8: Part 3. However, judging by the success of Coda 8: Part 2 and multiple options for continuity, it seems a relatively safe bet to say the saga is far from over. 

Furthermore, at MegaCon Orlando last month, Stephen Amell revealed how he envisaged the narrative continuing if granted a follow-up. “When I saw the finished cut of it [the second movie], a few months ago now, it gets to the end, I watch the final scene, and I want to know more,” Stephen said. “I want to know more about Lincoln City. I want to know more about the powers that we have in the city.”

“We are still very much at the street level of Lincoln City, and obviously, there has to be a hierarchy up there,” he continued. “So, I think that we tell a compelling story. You do learn more about Robbie’s character and my character and the power population, but it just still very much feels like it’s scratching the surface.”

Watch the trailer for Coda 8: Part 2 below.