Christian Bale stars in trailer for ‘The Pale Blue Eye’
(Credit: Netflix)

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Christian Bale stars in trailer for 'The Pale Blue Eye'

Christian Bale has been taking on a variety of new roles in recent years, moving away from his artistically pure canon. After starring in the recent Marvel project Thor: Love and Thunder, Christian Bale is currently gearing up for the release of his new gothic horror mystery titled The Pale Blue Eye. According to the latest reports, the film will have its theatrical release in December before eventually shifting to Netlfix.

Bale will star opposite actors such as Harry Melling, Charlotte Gainsbourg and Gillian Anderson in this new project which Scott Cooper is directing. The American Psycho star is set to play the role of veteran detective Augustus Landor.

Set in 1830, Bale’s character will be aided by Melling, who will feature as Edgar Allan Poe. During a conversation with Vanity Fair, Cooper revealed his admiration for the seminal American writer and spoke about his influence. The director said: “He left us as the godfather of detective and horror fiction.”

He added: “I thought, ‘OK, I have an opportunity to do three things with this film: Fashion a whodunnit, a father and son love story, and then a Poe origin story’. Poe at this young age was quite warm and witty and humorous and very Southernly. The experiences that I’m putting forth in this film led him down the darker paths that we have come to know him for.”

While talking about the film, Bale commented: “Every character in the story has secrets. And while Poe seems to be the one who is clearly putting on a performance, he is actually the most sincere. Everyone else is more quietly putting on a performance, but no one is who they are pretending to be.”

Watch the trailer below.