Chris Hemsworth will return as Tyler Rake in ‘Extraction 3’
(Credit: Gage Skidmore)

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Chris Hemsworth will return as Tyler Rake in ‘Extraction 3’

Chris Hemsworth’s action-packed franchise, Extraction, is all set to continue with a third instalment. The action star and director Sam Hargrave announced the news during the Netflix Tudum event in São Paolo.

While the films may adhere to a familiar formula, fans can anticipate more adrenaline-fueled action with Chris Hemsworth leading the way in the forthcoming third instalment.

The threequel was picked up by the streaming giant shortly after the premiere of Extraction 2. The story revolves around Tyler Rake, portrayed by Hemsworth, a black ops mercenary and his boss/friend Nik Kahn, portrayed by Golshifteh Farahani.

The first film follows Tyler as he undertakes a mission to rescue the son of an Indian crime lord, pushing him to the brink of death. In Extraction 2, Tyler recovers miraculously, this time aiming to save his extended family from the clutches of a Georgian gangster.

Hargrave brought his stunt expertise to the franchise’s first two films. An impressive 21-minute action sequence filmed in one continuous shot has been one of the highlights for action enthusiasts. 

Extraction 2 was produced by a team including Hemsworth, Hargrave, and the Russo Brothers, with Joe Russo also serving as the screenwriter. The original Extraction film, based on Ande Parks’ graphic novel Ciudad, achieved significant success upon its release in April 2020. 

Within four weeks, Extraction was viewed by 99 million households as per Netflix, becoming the platform’s most-watched original film premiere at the time. 

Both Extraction and Extraction 2 are currently available for streaming on Netflix.