Chris Evans and Ryan Gosling to act in the new Netflix film
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Chris Evans and Ryan Gosling to act in the new Netflix film

The highly anticipated Anthony and Joe Russo Netflix film The Gray Man, which will see stars like Chris Evans and Ryan Gosling working together, has teased a release date.

The upcoming $200 million spy action-thriller will see Gosling as Court Gentry aka Gray Man, a CIA veteran, who is betrayed by his agency and forced to be on the run. He will be pursued by Evans as the antagonist, a CIA Operative named Lloyd Hansen, who has been tasked to hunt the Gray Man down.

 The duo will be joined by other cast members, including No Time to Die actress Ana de Armas and Bridgerton’s Rege-Jean Page. The rest of the cast will also include Wagner Moura, Jessica Henwick, Billy Bob Thronton, Alfre Woodard and more. 

At the premiere of Spider-Man: No Way Home, the Russo brothers teased the release date. Joe Russo said that they are “hard at work at editorial” for a “release this summer”. 

Russo continued, “I think we’ll probably lock picture on that sometime in February. We’ve got some big VFX to work on in it. So scoring, VFX all take place until we release it.”

He also praised Gosling and Evans’ chemistry, drawing a parallel between that of Al Pacino and Robert De Niro’s brilliant camaraderie in the 1995 Michael Mann crime drama, Heat

Calling it “fantastic” and “electric”, Russo said that the “intense action film” would see “very, very entertaining performances from both actors, and they’re absolutely pitted against each other in the movie.”

Talking about Llyod Hansen, aka Evans’ character, he said that the actor makes a good sociopath and is “quite entertaining”. The film is a global spy thriller and was shot in different locations, including Los Angeles and various places in Europe, adhering to the Covid-19 guidelines.

Netflix’s The Gray Man is set for a summer 2022 release.