Check out Fox News’ latest blunder involving Netflix’s ‘You’
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Check out Fox News’ latest blunder involving Netflix’s ‘You’

Two Fox News show hosts have gone viral due to their hilarious blunder and miscommunication regarding Netflix’s widely popular show You

In her conservative and opinionated talk show The Ingraham Angle, Laura Ingraham was presenting along with fellow contributor Raymond Arroyo when the duo started talking about the Netflix show, starring Penn Badgley and Victoria Pedretti. 

Arroyo was nagging about “woke” television content and referred to one such episode on the psychological thriller series on Netflix, saying: “Numbers don’t lie: viewers like woke-free TV”.  The presenter was speaking about an episode on the latest season, where the lead protagonist Joe and his son contract measles from an unvaccinated family.

The episode satirises anti-vaxxers and has received a positive response from audience members for raising awareness regarding vaccinating children against such viral infections. 

While Arroyo and his disillusioned self tried to talk about the show and their angle on measles, Ingraham was confused regarding who Arroyo referred to by saying “you”. 

When Arroyo says, “It was on You”, Ingraham, bewildered, replies, “What was on me? What are you talking about? I never had the measles.” What followed was a hilariously embarrassing banter between the duo as Arroyo tried to clarify the same to Ingraham. 

When Arroyo mentions Netflix, Ingraham asks, “There’s a show called Laura Ingraham on Netflix?”, following which her bellowing co-contributor gives up. 

Although Arroyo said the segment was scripted, they have received the brunt of jokes and criticism from various people on Twitter and other social media platforms. Their segment has drawn a comparison to Abbott and Costellos’ famous comedy routine Who’s First where the duo are confused by each other’s responses. 

Created by Sera Gamble and starring Penn Badgley, Victoria Pedretti and Dylan Arnold the third season of You is now streaming on Netflix and focuses on Joe Goldberg and Love Quinn’s tumultuous marriage ridden with violence, insecurities, infidelity and rage.

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