Charles Randolph-Wright to direct Netflix’s ice-skating film
(Credit: Kelli McClintock)

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Charles Randolph-Wright to direct Netflix's ice-skating film

Netflix will be releasing a new ice-skating film, Take the Ice, that Charles Randolph-Wright will direct. Randolph-Wright is notable for his onstage productions, including Cuttin’ Up and Motown: The Musical, as well as for having directed TV projects, namely Greenleaf, Delilah, Katy Keene etc. 

Besides Randolph-Wright, 1998 Olympic gold medalist Brian Boitano shall be collaborating as a producer and a choreographer on this project. He will be joined by Martin Chase Production’s Debra Martin Chase, who is famous for having produced films such as The Princess Diaries and The Equalizer, among others. 

The cast has not been confirmed yet as the film is undergoing open casting. The characters seem pretty interesting, and it will be refreshing to see a diverse cast play such fierce and layered roles. The main roles include Tisha Moore, the protagonist and a tough nut from Brooklyn, the team captain Kimberly Broussard and Tisha’s driving force, Ebony. There have been rumours of casting two other Puerto Rican skaters as well as a rich and arrogant antagonist who hails from a privileged background. 

Chase has described the film as inspiring enough to “remind us that with determination, focus and hard work we each have the power to make our dreams come true”. 

She further expressed how ecstatic she was to have the opportunity to work with the “dream team” comprising her “long time friends Naketha Mattocks and Charles Randolph-Wright and ice skating icon Brian Boitano”. 

Take the Ice will be the story of a 15-year-old busker from Brooklyn who dreams of becoming an ice skating icon while performing roller skating tricks in the park to earn money. She finally gets noticed and must face impregnable hardships and perform in a synchronized ice skating team to achieve her dreams.

The film is currently in pre-production, and filming shall most likely not begin before Spring 2022. Fingers crossed, Netflix might stream the film by the end of 2022, perhaps as a Christmas present to the viewers.