Charles Baker from ‘Breaking Bad’ wants ‘Skinny Pete & Badger’ spin-off series
(Credit: Netflix)

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Charles Baker from 'Breaking Bad' wants 'Skinny Pete & Badger' spin-off series

Breaking Bad’s Skinny Pete actor Charles Baker has revealed he’d be open to a spin-off about the character and his best friend, Badger.

Baker, who played Skinny Pete, was always seen beside Badger, portrayed by Matt Jones, and Aaron Paul’s character, Jesse Pinkman.  The duo made an appearance in El Camino: A Breaking Bad Movie, but unfortunately, they didn’t show up alongside Pinkman in Better Call Saul when he popped up to make a cameo.

In a new interview, Baker has admitted viewing figures were low enough for Breaking Bad to be cancelled. He also looked back on the role and shared his gratitude to AMC for not ending the programme after two series.

“It was a dream. I don’t even know how to… it was such an amazing thing,” he told eBaum. “The first two seasons, everyone in the crew knew what kind of show we had. We knew it was an amazing show. We didn’t know that the audience was going to catch on to that.”

Baker continued: “It would have been easy for AMC to just kill it after two seasons, because it really didn’t have the traction that a lot of shows that get canceled do. There was a lot of hope, there was a hope of just positive vibes on set. Once Netflix hit, and it started becoming the most binge-watched, we actually I think kind of invented binge-watching, it kind of changed things.”

He also addressed rumours of a possible spin-off series, and said: “There are lots of people definitely asking. I trust Vince Gilligan and that crew to know what’s right and to know what will work, and if they don’t want to force it, I don’t want to be part of that. I would happily jump into that role again if they could find a way for it to make sense and make it work.”

However, if a spin-off does happen, Baker wants it to be done for the right reasons. The actor continued: “But not just for the sake of money, but because they feel it’s necessary, you know? I love the character, I love the role, it’s just, you know, how much longer can I play a young drug addict, at this point and keep that kind of energy? I’d be happy to do it if they ever wanted to, but I don’t know that they would. I don’t know there’s a reason for it.”

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