‘Can I Tell You A Secret?’: What happened to Abby Furness
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‘Can I Tell You A Secret?’: What happened to Abby Furness

The Netflix true crime obsession continues to rock audiences as the limited docuseries Can I Tell You A Secret? makes its sensational debut on the platform. 

Based on a 2022 Guardian podcast series of the same name, this gripping tale unveils the chilling saga of Matthew Hardy, a cybercriminal who prowled social media, preying on unsuspecting women like Amy Bailey, Abby Furness, and more.

Featuring candid interviews with Furness and other victims, Lia Hambly and Zoe Jade Hallam, the series delves into the disturbing tactics employed by Hardy. He fabricated a web of deceit, crafting fake online personas to torment his targets.

From threatening messages to spreading damaging falsehoods, Hardy’s actions had severe consequences, tarnishing reputations and upending lives. The series, directed by Natasha Gaunt and Liza Williams, retraces the horror lived by the women targeted by Hardy. You can read our story on the true story of Matthew Hardy and read on to know what happened to one of his targets here.

Where is Abby Furness now?

Abby Furness, a micro-influencer, continues to share her life with her followers on Instagram, embracing new beginnings with her partner, Grady Steer. 

In 2019, Furness found herself entangled in Hardy’s twisted game when he launched a relentless campaign of harassment against her. Fabricating accusations of infidelity, he orchestrated a vile smear campaign, even going so far as to send explicit images to her employer. 

The ordeal drove Furness to the brink, straining her relationships and leaving her isolated in her struggle for justice. But justice, albeit delayed, eventually prevailed. Hardy’s reign of terror came to an end in 2020 when law enforcement intervened, leading to his incarceration for stalking and harassment. However, a legal loophole would later shave a year off his nine-year sentence.

As the series climbs the ranks on Netflix’s top ten list, it serves as a reminder that in an age of rapid AI development and the all-pervasive grip of social media in our lives, horror stories like this will only increase. Beyond personal safeguarding of information, we need strict legal measures to keep cyber crime in check.

You can stream Can I Tell You A Secret? on Netflix.