Caleb McLaughlin: ending ‘Stranger Things’ “makes sense”
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Caleb McLaughlin: ending 'Stranger Things' "makes sense"

After the massive fallout of the fourth season of Stranger Things, fans are waiting for the final chapter of the saga to wrap up when the fifth season finally comes to Netflix. Although some fans might be disheartened to hear that the fifth trip to Hawkins will be the last, Caleb McLaughlin is in favour of everything winding down.

While McLaughlin has appreciated his time with the cast, he explained that the reasons for having the show bow out makes sense, telling Today, “It’s sad, but I think it makes sense that the show is ending… you don’t want to over milk the cow”. McLaughlin originally started on the show as Lucas, one of the members of the original Dungeons and Dragons campaign that took in the superpowered Eleven.

After the events of the last season, Lucas had been badly injured after trying to fend off Jason Carver from his girlfriend Max, played by Sadie Sink. Towards the end of the season, Lucas was seen watching over Max in her hospital bed.

There has been no word about what the next fallout for the group is going to be, but the ending of the last season promised to show fans a new view of The Upside Down. Following the experience with Vecna, the other world living underneath Hawkins has grown above ground, which is set to be explored next season.

Although McLaughlin had admitted feeling sad about the show ending, he does say that he keeps in contact with the rest of the cast, saying, “We reach out to each other once in a while. Just to check in and talk about, ‘Hey, I can’t wait to see you when we get back to Atlanta and start filming again”.

McLaughlin is also taking on new film projects as well, starring in the basketball film Shooting Stars, set to be a biopic about LeBron James. According to McLaughlin, the film is set to explore different facets of the game, saying, “having the right foundation and staying focused and being confident and not allowing people to tell you you can’t do it”.

Shooting Stars is set to hit the streaming service Peacock on June 2nd. Although fans can still binge the last four seasons of Stranger Things on Netflix, there has been no word about when the final season will premiere.