Bruce Campbell supports ‘Wednesday’ and ‘Evil Dead’ fan theory
(Credit: Netflix)


Bruce Campbell supports 'Wednesday' and 'Evil Dead' fan theory

Since it first hit Netflix on November 23rd, Wednesday has become a phenomenon. In addition to being one of the most popular series on the streaming service, fans have been effusive about the show’s stars whilst also coming up with their fair share of fan theories.

Regarding the fan theories, one, in particular, has been doing the rounds, and although it is highly improbable, it is fascinating. This posits that the famous hand aide to Wednesday, Thing, might be connected to Ash, the protagonist of Sam Raimi’s Evil Dead franchise. 

Fans have noted that in Evil Dead II: Dead by Daylight, Ash cuts off his hand and fixes a chainsaw to the stump left in its place. Thing just so happens to be a right hand, making some keen fans believe this theory is valid. 

Added to this, Bruce Campbell, the actor who plays Ash in the Evil Dead series, has also tweeted in support of the theory, writing, “You said it, not me”. Unsurprisingly, Campbell’s tweet has only added to calls for a crossover, as Wednesday producer Tim Burton and Sam Raimi’s styles aren’t so different.  

Ash’s last appearance in the Evil Dead saga came during the hit series Ash vs. Evil Dead. Set 30 years after the first three films, Ash is now a washed-up version of himself, drinking and working in the ‘Value Stop’. Wednesday also appears to be set in the modern day, and although it is not clear exactly when, there’s certainly scope for the two to crossover.

It might only be a pipedream, but the thought of a Wednesday/Evil Dead crossover is intriguing. It would provide a suitable backstory for Thing, one of the show’s most mysterious characters fans are itching to get the lowdown on.

Wednesday is currently available to stream on Netflix. Meanwhile, the next part of Sam Raimi’s saga, Evil Dead Rise, will be released in April 2023.