Britney Spears’ boyfriend hopes Netflix documentary will be “respectful”
(Credit: Instagram)

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Britney Spears’ boyfriend hopes Netflix documentary will be “respectful”

Netflix recently dropped the trailer for their highly anticipated documentary on the pop sensation Britney Spears’ life and her battle against her controlling father. The film will focus on the Spears battle over Brtiney’s conservatorship — the battle that she has now won. Her boyfriend of five years, Sam Asghari had a lot to say about the film. 

Titled Britney vs Spears, the Netflix documentary is set to release on Tuesday, September 28th, 2021, and will showcase the former star’s relentless battle against abuse as well as document her fans’ unwavering support as they launched the widespread #FreeBritney campaign. 

Directed by Erin Lee Carr, this documentary is a continuation of the Hulu documentary Framing Britney Spears which was notorious for its explosive exposure of the star’s conservatorship, abuse at the hands of media as well as exposed her relationship with Justin Timberlake. 

Britney Spears’ battle was cathartic and streaming platforms are milking this opportunity for content. 

FX and Hulu released Controlling Britney Spears last weekend, CNN released Toxic: Britney Spears’ Battle For Freedom on Sunday and Netflix’s documentary hits tomorrow. 

Spears’ boyfriend, Asghari, took to Instagram to share his thoughts. He explained that the previous documentaries left a “bad aftertaste” and hoped the new ones to be “respectful”.

“I don’t blame CNN, BBC, or Netflix (which got me through lockdowns) for airing them because, as an actor, I tell other people’s stories, too,” he added. 

He attacked producers who claimed to “just shed light” without seeking “input or approval from the subject”. He then added, “Any credit for light being shed should go to #freebritney.”

Take a look at the trailer for Netflix’s documentary below: