‘Bridgerton’ season three may be pushed back to 2024
(Credit: Netflix)

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'Bridgerton' season three may be pushed back to 2024

It looks like fans may not see the third season of Bridgerton until next year. Previously, an Instagram post from Netflix‘s official Portugal account hinted at a forthcoming release date, but it was quickly removed.

Shared on June 17th, 2023, the post announced: “How we miss the gossip. Season three of Bridgerton premieres December 14th.” The most recent series of the hugely popular period show, which follows the titular family during Regency Era London and is based on the books by Julia Quinn, debuted in June 2022.

However, the post was soon taken down, and conflicting information surfaced in recent interviews with Bridgerton cast member Adjoa Andoh, whose comments challenged the December 2023 expectancy. Speaking to DigitalSpy, Andoh mentioned, “Season three will be coming out next year. That’s been in the can for a while. And with each season, the show gets slightly more fabulous. It gets more complex.”

Hello Magazine then released an article where Andoh reinforced the 2024 release. She was quoted saying, “It’s very gratifying because we’ve held our breath for a long time. Because of the way the year’s panned out and that the season’s going to come out next year, the anticipation is going to grow and grow.”

Interestingly, during its Upfronts in May 2023, Netflix did not list Bridgerton Season 3 under “Returning Favorites” along with The Crown and Sex Education, instead categorising it under the “Coming Soon” banner, heavily implying a 2024 release date.

Potential reasons for the delay might include Netflix managing its release schedule or the impact of strikes on production. Since Bridgerton is a WGA and SAG-AFTRA-covered series, with both guilds currently on strike, no production or development for the new season can continue.

Shortly after season 2 was aired, Netflix posted a video in July 2022 confirming production had commenced on the third season, which you can see below.