‘Bodies’ season two may not happen: “This is a one and done”
(Credit: Netflix)


'Bodies' season two may not happen: “This is a one and done”

Paul Tomalin, the writer of Netflix’s hit new show Bodies, has revealed that the chance of a second season is fairly slim despite success. 

The eight-part sci-fi show, starring Stephen Graham, was adapted from the graphic novel by Si Spencer. It has already shot to the top of the Netflix charts, captivating audiences with its time-travelling murder mystery plot.

However, Tomalin has told Hello! that Bodies was only written as a one-season endeavour. “We went to Netflix like, ‘This is one series, this is a one and done, we wanna close this off’, because I think when you have such an amazing concept up front, you [expletive] your audience off if you don’t solve it,” he revealed. 

The writer added, “As the viewer, I hate it when you get this amazing thing. And at the end, it’s like, ‘Duh, duh, duh’, and you’re like ‘Right so I’ve got to wait a year and a half’.” 

“We really wanted you to feel that you’d seen the red curtain at the end. That being said, when you see the back end, there’s certainly a dot dot dot. But the premise that the show sets comes to an end.” 

However, talking to Radio Times, Tomalin has suggested that he wouldn’t say no to the prospect of making another season if the opportunity presented itself. “We’d be plain suicidal to rule anything out, but I do think that we owed it to the audience to end this bastard.” 

“It was really important to Netflix that, when you have a concept like this, you betray your audience if you think, ‘And now we’re going to drag it out forever and ever and ever, because we all have bills to pay’.” 

Tomalin continued, “We’re not morons, there is an ellipsis, there is a cute dot dot dot at the end, just in case. And we do have an idea. But in terms of, ‘Is there a second series?’ It’s lovely to be asked, but if there isn’t, this is the whole kit and caboodle. It’s a kitchen sink job. So if it’s just one series, I love limited series – you can watch it knowing there’s going to be an end.”