Bob Ross Inc. lashes out against Netflix documentary
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Bob Ross Inc. lashes out against Netflix documentary

The Joshua Rofe-directed Bob Ross documentary Bob Ross: Happy Accidents, Betrayal & Greed had promised the viewers an in-depth and intimate insight into the world of Bob Ross. Not the TV personality but the unknown and darker side of the otherwise sweetheart painter who has encouraged us to make happy accidents on our canvasses. 

While the curly-haired, ever-smiling, mellow and zen-voiced legendary painter has become an icon, the documentary promised to take a look into what the painter hid beneath his tranquil facade. It seems like his landscape canvasses have now become the seat of war, slander and accusations as his estate has fought back against the documentary for what they deemed to be an incorrect representation of the painter and his life. 

The painter’s son has lashed out against the documentary for violating the respect of his late father’s memory and commercialising the event where his name was taken in possession by his longtime business partners. 

Bob Ross Inc. has taken a look at the documentary and is appalled by the incorrect representation. They have engaged in a blistering retort, calling the film “inaccurate and heavily slanted.”

They have complained of bad faith and lack of respect towards the legend. They have released a scathing statement that attacks the film and the production. 

Their statement reads, “While the producers of the Netflix film did contact Bob Ross Inc. twice, in late August and October 2020, each request arrived replete with a confounding lack of transparency.”

They continued, “At no time did they pose specific questions to Bob Ross Inc. or ask for any form of rebuttal to specific assertions they had decided to include in the film. Nor was it stated that they had a distribution deal with Netflix.”

Netflix is yet to comment on the same.

Watch the trailer of the film below: