Bob Odenkirk recalls ‘Better Call Saul’ reunion with ‘Breaking Bad’ stars
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Bob Odenkirk recalls 'Better Call Saul' reunion with 'Breaking Bad' stars

The final episodes of Better Call Saul got even better when they saw the long-awaited returns of two of Vince Gilligan’s most iconic characters, and the show’s narrative closely woven into that of Breaking Bad

After seven years and six seasons, the appearances of both Bryan Cranston and Aaron Paul reprising their roles as Walter White and Jesse Pinkman have given everyone the nostalgia boost that they needed, and for Saul Goodman’s Bob Odenkirk, it was a stellar reunion. 

When speaking about the experience with Access, he revealed how happy Cranston and Paul were to be back in the Breaking Bad universe as well as how fun it was. 

He said: “Those guys, I think, are very gracious, appreciative about what the show has done for them. And they love Better Call Saul, both of them, and it was a joy to work with them. Just so much fun, and to go out in the desert in a Winnebago, kneeling over an open grave… there’s nothing better.”

Bob Odenkirk had previously teased that Cranston and Paul would be back to shoot scenes in the show, and now he seems to have suggested that either one or both of them will return for one last hurrah in the grand finale. 

The Saul Goodman actor then went on to tell Access that he’s really happy with the ending, but is sad that the show is coming to an end. 

Odenkirk said: “It’s going to break my heart to see that, because of the actual story as it is, I think it’s beautiful. I’m so proud of what they wrote and gave us to do, and also, it’s going to be hard to say goodbye to this group of actors whom I’ve grown to love so much. If you work somewhere great, you know that when the day comes where it disbands, it’s going to be very hard to say goodbye.”