Bob Odenkirk hopes to be “surprised” by ‘Better Call Saul’ ending
(Credit: Netflix)


Bob Odenkirk hopes to be “surprised” by ‘Better Call Saul’ ending

Better Call Saul series six is to air in 2022 and fans are already speculating about what to expect from the final season of the highly-acclaimed Breaking Bad prequel, even star Bob Odenkirk remains unsure about what is lined up for his character.

Earlier this month, AMC Networks chief Josh Sapan announced delays for the programme. He said the company has some “shifting around due to COVID-related production delays for our shows,” according to The Wrap. Sapan continued: “We have a fuller slate of The Walking Dead universe shows than we’ve had in some time, with The Walking Dead back and Fear The Walking Dead back at full strength, and then the second season of World Beyond.

“It does look likely, at this point, that Better Call Saul will move into the first quarter of 2022. That’s the way we’re seeing it right now. And other shows, we’re on a production timing schedule. We’ll have a clearer view, I think, next quarter.”

Shooting has begun on the new series, but Odenkirk spoke to the AV Club, and when they asked about the ending, the actor said: “I don’t know. I haven’t read it.”

He continued: “I could read it. I’m a producer. I could say, ‘Give me the scripts.’ They offer them to me all right, but I don’t want to know,” Odenkirk then commented, “I want to just enjoy it like an audience member. When I get a script and when I read it, I want to be surprised, in the right way.

“I want to learn what I learned or my character learns as he learns it. I don’t want to be ahead of it. I don’t want to be playing where the story is going because I don’t know where it’s going.”

Odenkirk recently picked up his fourth Golden Globe nomination for his performance as bent lawyer Saul Goodman and previously claimed that fans were in store for “fireworks” in the show’s “supremely intense” final season.