Blood Red Sky is Netflix’s most successful German film
(Credit: Netflix)


Blood Red Sky is Netflix’s most successful German film

With a projection of nearly 50 million households set to watch the plane-hijacked-with-vampires-onboard film, Blood Red Sky is set to become Netflix’s most successful German title in history — surpassing the record held proudly by the series Barbarians

Released on July 23, 2021, this film is set to hit this record within the first 28 days of its premiere. It has reached the top ten most-watched films in nearly 93 countries and has occupied the number one spot in countries such as the Philippines, the United States, Saudi Arabia, and Brazil. It has been more popular in the international sphere than in Germany and has a major chunk of dialogue in English, peppered with German. 

Director Peter Thorwarth provided an exclusive interview to Deadline where he answered questions regarding the film’s meteoric success. Although he admitted to believing in the film to be a successful one, tasting global success was not on his menu and apparently, “everyone freaked out” once they saw the numbers. 

When asked what made the film seem so appealing to the global audience across the US, Brazil, the Philippines and Saudi Arabia, the director believes the “catchy logline” to have done the magic, we partially agree because after Snakes on a Plane, who wouldn’t want to experience a flight infested with blood-suckers, right? 

The film is, however, not just a horror film, as the director says. It transcends the plane-hijacking genre to build an emotional portrait of the bond between the mother and son. “I have noticed that viewers who don’t like horror movies kept watching it until the end because they were so touched by the story,” said the director.  

With a diverse set of actors onboard the transatlantic flight, the director credited Netflix for having marketed the project and explained why he does not view the film as just a “German movie”. His next film is set to be embedded in medieval humour. The director also dished out how he is often “compared to Guy Ritchie” in Germany. 

Check out the trailer for the film before you go, watch it: