‘Black Mirror’ creator’s new Netflix special with Rob Lowe
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'Black Mirror' creator's new Netflix special with Rob Lowe

Black Mirror creator Charlie Brooker has revealed his upcoming Netflix special Attack of the Hollywood Cliches! The show will premiere on the streaming service on Tuesday, September 28, 2021. 

The comedy special is set to star Rob Lowe, “former Brat Pack member, movie star and handsome devil”. Brooker will produce the special alongside Broke and Bones. 

Attack of the Hollywood Cliches! Succeeds Brooker’s 2020 mockumentary Death to 2020, which deftly explored the various unfortunate events of 2020 in a naturally sardonic manner. 

This one-off Netflix special will feature some of the most famous and impactful films in cinema history. It will also focus on various screenwriters, A-list celebrities, critics and film academics who will examine the controversial, funny and weird cliches that have dominated the sphere of cinema, used by filmmakers since time immemorial. 

Lowe will be dressed in a “classic crisp suit” as he calls upon the audience to examine and understand the overused cliches that permeate Hollywood in all its guises. 

The special shall closely examine every cliche’s origin, evolution, and impact, from the ‘walking away from an explosion’ to ‘female actors running in stilettoes’ to the classic ‘meet-cute-scenario’. The special will also comprise a classic ‘Wilhelm scream’ montage that will appease cinephiles and film buffs. 

Besides the Netflix special, Lowe will be seen returning as Owen Strand in the third season of 9-1-1: Lone Star that will go into production in September 2021. This news follows the previous statement from Lowe, who indicated the possibility of the new crossing over with the original 9-1-1. 

“My sense is that it would be us coming to LA, because that seems totally, only fair,” stated Lowe on the news of the Austin team possibly visiting LA. “We’ve been cooking up some ideas that I think are super fun. So I’m excited to try to do it.”