Billie Piper from ‘Doctor Who’ joins new Netflix drama series
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Billie Piper from ‘Doctor Who’ joins new Netflix drama series

Doctor Who actress Billie Piper is set to star in the lead role in the upcoming Netflix drama series Coming Undone

The upcoming series is based on author and editor Terri White’s eponymous memoir that unpacked White’s road to success and the severe trauma that she dealt with privately which ultimately led to mental health problems. It also documents how she spent her childhood in abject poverty and suffered unimaginable abuse at the hands of some of her mother’s then-partners. 

While it is currently being developed, Piper will work with I Hate Suzie alum Bad Wolf who serves as the producer of the show. 

Piper is best known for her role as Rose Tyler in Doctor Who and will be making a return for the brand new audio version, titled The Dimension Cannon

Piper opened up about how the audio series is a “brilliant idea” and helped give her character “a lot more life beyond the Doctor [Who].”

She added, “But there’s also something quite sad about her search. It’s a real bittersweet series of tales.” 

Talking about this new perspective shift from the medium of television to audio, Piper added, “It seems like there’s an enormous appetite for it and it’s very moving to imagine listeners spending a few more moments with this family particularly.”

Piper might make a future return to the Doctor Who television series. She said her kids might love the show “which is often [my] incentive to do anything.”

Talking about the prospective return, Piper said, “I  think if the circumstances and the story were right. I feel like I’ve had enough time away from it to really, really want back in on it.”

Stay tuned in for more updates regarding Coming Undone.