‘Big Mouth’ to end with eighth season
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‘Big Mouth’ to end with eighth season

Creators have confirmed that the popular animated comedy series Big Mouth will finish after its eighth series. The Netflix original series premiered in September 2017 and quickly drew a broad audience thanks to its comical take on the trials and tribulations of adolescence. As fans prepare for the show’s imminent seventh season, the creators have confirmed one additional instalment to conclude both the main show and its spin-off. 

Big Mouth was inspired by creators Nick Kroll and Andrew Goldberg’s childhood experiences and was treated to a spin-off, Human Resources, which will finish with its upcoming season. Both story arcs will be concluded in the eighth season of Big Mouth, which is set to arrive in 2024.  

Although its end is confirmed, the confirmation of an eighth season makes Big Mouth the longest-running scripted original series in Netflix history, outside of Kids & Family programming. It will surpass Grace and Frankie, which ran for seven seasons before ending.

“If you would have told adolescent Nick Kroll and Andrew Goldberg that middle school would take eight years to finish, they would have been like, ‘Yeah, that sounds about right,'” Kroll, series star and executive producer, said in a new statement. “This seems like it will never end.'”

So far, Big Mouth and Human Resources have racked up more than one billion viewing hours on Netflix. The two series have been watched by over 50 million households and reached Netflix’s Top 10 in 29 countries.

“Big Mouth is a towering achievement in animated comedy that will make Netflix history for its longevity,” Billy Wee, Netflix Director of Adult Animation, stated. “We are thrilled that we still have two more hilarious seasons to share with fans before this brilliant coming-of-age story reaches its conclusion.” 

Watch the trailer for ‘Human Resources’ below.