Watch behind the scenes secrets from the making of ‘You’
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Watch behind the scenes secrets from the making of 'You'

Created by Sera Gamble and Greg Berlanti, You is one of Netflix’s scariest and most unsettling shows. After the third season premiered in October, fans have been eagerly waiting for a brand new season, which Netflix has already been announced. 

The show mainly revolves around the problematic protagonist, the creepy and psychopathic Joe Goldberg who has a knack for reading books, stalking women and stealing their underwear all with the undercurrent of violence and murder. With a traumatic past, Goldberg’s character evolves over the three seasons as he assumes various identities to get hold of his next object of affection. His desire to possess these women and his unhealthy saviour complex make him discernibly terrifying. 

In the most recent third season, Joe was seen trying to turn over a new leaf and provide a better future for his son Henry along with his equally psychotic wife, love Quinn. However, their tumultuous marriage is ridden with jealousy, insecurities and infidelity that leads his significant other to commit a crime and brings them tumbling down a rabbit hole. 

In a video that shows various secrets from behind the scenes of the show, we get to know a lot about what went behind creating such spine chilling seasons. 

The video showed how Penn Badgley had very few lines to say in front of the camera. He had to be a great silent actor and mime as he would narrate most of his scenes as a part of a voiceover for his introspective monologues. Badgley, who was morally conflicted about playing the character, also had to take an eight-hour-long safety course with Elizabeth Lail for the first season of the show for the subway scene. 

From Victoria Pedretti needing little to no training for her action sequences, to her being disturbed by an insanely rapid lovemaking scene shot between her and Joe, the video also shows how Shalita Grant, who made an appearance in the third season as the IT girl of Madre Linde, Sherry Van Winkle, hated shooting the glass box sequence due to her immense claustrophobia.

Travis Van Winkle, who played her husband, had to put on ten pounds of muscle to portray the stereotypical gym buff from California and even performed some of his stunts on his own. 

Joe Goldberg is inherently creepy and Shay Mitchell, who played Peach in season one, felt “chills” every time she saw the creepiest scene in the first season. It involved peach looking at Lail’s Beck in the bathtub while Joe looked at them both. 

Having been shot during and after the pandemic, the video also showed how the showrunners were insanely creative in adhering to Covid-19 precautions while making it subtle in the third season of the show. They made the characters share their dialogues before large gatherings instead of at them which allowed them to socially distance properly under the pretext of the said characters in question making an early appearance at the parties. 

Take a look at the video below: