‘Beef’ creator ready for season two as show was pitched as an anthology
(Credits: Best of Netflix / YouTube Still)


‘Beef’ creator ready for season two as show was pitched as an anthology

Lee Sung Jin, the creator of the Netflix show Beef, revealed backstage at the Golden Globes that he is ready to make more seasons of the show, as was always the intended plan.

Even if the comedy-drama has been talked about as a limited series, Lee admitted that it was originally pitched as an anthology as it took home the prize for ‘Best Limited Series, Anthology Series, Made for Television Movie.’

“We always pitched the season to buyers as an anthology series. There was always going to be new characters,” Lee said. 

“Whether it stays limited or turns as an anthology or we continue existing, that’s really up to Netflix,” he added. “But whatever they decide, I’m definitely ready.”

Lee admitted feeling “fortunate” to be a writer, noting, “There’s so many stories that I still want to write about, so when they let me know, I’m sure you all will know, as well.”

Beef stars Ali Wong and Steven Yeun, who both won Golden Globes for their performances, as two strangers who experience a road rage incident with one another that escalates into an ongoing feud.

The pair butt heads throughout the series, with Yeun playing Danny Cho, a failing contractor, and Wong playing Amy Lau, a self-made entrepreneur with a seemingly-perfect life.

Check out the trailer for Beef below.