BBC and Netflix reveal cast for ‘Lockerbie’ series
(Credit: Netflix)

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BBC and Netflix reveal cast for ‘Lockerbie’ series

The BBC and Netflix have now revealed the cast for Lockerbie, a forthcoming factually-based drama from World Productions. The six-part series examines the tragic events surrounding the 1988 Lockerbie bombing and the subsequent collaborative investigation between Scotland and the US to seek justice for the victims.

On December 21st, 1988, Pan Am Flight 103 was en route from London Heathrow to JFK, New York, when a bomb was activated in its hold over the Scottish town of Lockerbie. The devastating explosion claimed the lives of 270 people, including 43 Brits and 190 Americans. 

Lockerbie intends to chronicle the meticulous investigation on both sides of the Atlantic and the profound impact it had on the affected families and the close-knit community of Lockerbie. From the initial search for evidence in Scotland to the trial at Camp Zeist in 2000 and the recent developments in 2022, the series offers a comprehensive look at the enduring quest for justice.

The cast includes Connor Swindells, Patrick J. Adams, Merritt Wever, Peter Mullan, Tony Curran, Eddie Marsan, Lauren Lyle, Andrew Rothney, Phyllis Logan, Parker Sawyers, James Harkness, Khalid Laith, and Amanda Drew. Meanwhile, renowned novelist and screenwriter Jonathan Lee leads the writing team, with contributions from Scottish screenwriter Gillian Roger Park.

Produced by World Productions in association with MGM Television and Night Train Media, Lockerbie is scheduled to premiere on BBC One and BBC iPlayer before arriving on Netflix for global streaming. Filming has reportedly commenced in Scotland and will later extend to locations in Malta and Toronto.

Michael Keillor is directing the series, with Julia Stannard serving as producer. Before Keillor took the helm, the Lockerbie project was conceived by filmmaker Adam Morane-Griffiths, who conducted extensive research and interviews with key figures involved in the investigation.

Executive producers on the project include Simon Heath, Roderick Seligman, Steve Stark, Stacey Levin, Adam Morane-Griffiths, Sara Curran, Herbert L. Kloiber, Michael Keillor, and Gaynor Holmes. 

Watch an archival BBC Newsnight bulletin from the night of the bombing below.