Baby Reindeer’s ‘real life Martha’ attorney admits “difficulty” in case
(Credit: Netflix)


Baby Reindeer’s ‘real life Martha’ attorney admits “difficulty” in case

Despite airing back in April, Baby Reindeer is still being talked about due to the lawsuit against Netflix and the show’s creator, Richard Gadd. A woman named Fiona Harvey came forward in the wake of the series’ popularity to accuse Gadd of basing the character Martha, his abusive stalker, on her, leading her to file the lawsuit.

While Gadd urged fans not to uncover Martha’s real identity and insisted that he changed elements of her character within the show, many viewers were quick to find tweets and Facebook posts online similar to those sent by Martha – only they came from accounts run by Harvey. 

Trying to set the record straight, Harvey allowed Piers Morgan to interview her, during which she delivered various contradictory statements. She claimed that she only contacted Gadd, whom she apparently hardly knew, just a few times. However, the show, which states that it is “based on a true story,” accused Martha of sending 41,000 emails, over 700 tweets, hundreds of hours of voicemails, and even some letters. 

While Harvey denied sending Gadd such a large amount of messages, her lawyer, Richard Roth, claims that the lawsuit could be made “a little more difficult” if Gadd and Netflix can provide evidence of these thousands of emails and other forms of communication. 

Appearing on Good Morning Britain, Roth said, “They better have those hours of voicemails, they better have 41,000 messages. Think about that, 41,000 messages. The relationship was not that long of a relationship. So if they don’t have those 41,000, I’m telling you we don’t have them, and I don’t believe they have them. Then that’s where Netflix fails.” 

He continued: “Netflix has to say, ‘Fine you say in this show there’s 41,000 emails in the show, let me see them. You say there are tweets, let me see them. You say there are this many hours of messages, let me see it. It’s our position.’”

Roth added, “They will have to come up with it because we have not seen anywhere near that amount.” 

Roth states that Harvey believes “there is no where near that amount” of messages. She has sued Netflix for various reasons, including gross negligence and defamation. Interestingly, her identity was only the subject of online speculation because fans found posts she’d left online that aligned with Martha’s behaviour, which then led her to willingly come forward as the person she believes Gadd was inspired by.