‘Avatar: The Last Airbender’: What happened to Sokka and Katara’s parents?
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'Avatar: The Last Airbender': What happened to Sokka and Katara’s parents?

Netflix’s adaptation of Avatar: The Last Airbender has raked in big numbers in its debut week on the platform despite lukewarm reviews, as was expected. 

The show deals with plenty of storylines differently than the animated series it is based on. One major deviation the show does is actually show us what happened to Sokka and Katara’s parents. 

In the original series Sokka and Katara’s mother was killed during a Fire Nation raid on their village in the Southern Water Tribe. However, their father, Hakoda, who left to fight the Fire Nation, is later revealed to be alive.

The loss of their parents plays a significant role in shaping Sokka and Katara’s characters and motivations throughout the series. While Katara is more impacted by her mother’s death, Hakoda’s absence thrusts Sokka into early adulthood responsibilities he is not yet ready for.

But what happens to Sokka and Katara’s parents in the Netflix adaptation?

In the live-action version of Avatar: The Last Airbender, it is revealed that Sokka and Katara’s mother, Kya, is killed by the Fire Nation who come searching for the Waterbender in their tribe. Kya pretends to be the bender of the tribe to protect Katara and is subsequently murdered right in front of her daughter.

The series shows it all in flashbacks which helps set the stage for a significant storyline that is likely to unfold in future seasons. The flashbacks to Kya’s death serve as a catalyst for Katara’s quest for revenge against the man responsible for her mother’s murder. Teaming up with Zuko, Katara sets on a journey to track down the Southern Raiders, the group responsible for Kya’s death. This storyline can help with Katara’s character development and her relationship with Zuko.

The whereabouts of Sokka and Katara’s father, Hakoda, remain uncertain. In the original animated series, Hakoda left to fight in the war against the Fire Nation, leaving his children behind. However, his ultimate fate is left unresolved till much later, leaving fans to speculate about his whereabouts.

In the live-action adaptation, hints about Hakoda’s fate are sprinkled throughout the first season, but even here, his current status remains a mystery. Fans are left wondering whether Hakoda survived the war or if he met a different fate.

One episode from the original series, titled ‘Bato of the Water Tribe’, offers some clues about Hakoda’s fate. In this episode, Sokka, Katara, and Aang encounter Bato, a friend of their father’s, who confirms that Hakoda is alive and awaiting a rendezvous with the Southern Water Tribe men. This storyline was omitted from the first season of the live-action adaptation, but Hakoda might still be alive and may reunite with his children in future seasons.