Ashley Waters “faced a lot of resistance” on set of Top Boy
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Ashley Waters "faced a lot of resistance" on set of Top Boy

Following the release of the fifth and final series of Netflix’s Top Boy, Ashely Waters has revealed some of the creative difficulties he and co-star Kane Robinson faced during filming.

Waters took to the Diary of a CEO podcast to say he and Robinson “didn’t have the greatest time” while filming the final series. On-screen, Walters and Robinson play drug dealers Dushane and Sully in the hit drama.

Speaking frankly with host Steven Bartlett, Waters said: “If I’m honest with you, filming the last season bought me and Kane probably even closer than we’ve ever been doing that show because we didn’t have the greatest time.”

He explained they had to work hard behind the scenes to ensure the show fulfilled its potential. “[We were] fighting for what we believed in and making it the best show that we could make it be – the best last season for the fans,” he said.

“People don’t understand, like, we go hard for that show, we go hard to make sure that the scripts are right, we go hard to make sure other characters are being represented in the way they should be, and storylines make sense.”

He mentioned that their input wasn’t always welcomed. “The truth is we faced a lot of resistance this time round,” he said. “We wasn’t given the creative input all the time that we desired. This is a common thing, this happens behind the scenes, this isn’t me being a grass or anything, it’s just the reality – and sometimes when there’s seven or eight execs, not everyone agrees.”

Top Boy is streaming on Netflix now