Another Ryan Reynolds film soars Netflix popularity charts
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Another Ryan Reynolds film soars Netflix popularity charts

Recently, we told you the ludicrous story of how Ryan Reynolds’ huge superhero flop The Green Lantern was inexplicably soaring the charts of Netflix’s most popular category. Now, the star has another film making the same moves.

It would seem as though Reynolds’ millions of fans have turned their attention away from the light of The Green Lantern and towards another unusual effort — this time it’s the 2012 thriller Safe House.

The film sees Reynolds starring as a junior CIA officer alongside the widely acclaimed and wholly adored Denzel Washington. The latter plays a former CIA operative who is wanted for betraying the intelligence agency.

“He was one of the most brilliant CIA operatives we ever had” one person says of Washington’s, Tobin, in the trailer. “Until he went rogue.” Reynolds plays Matt, an officer trying to climb the ladder of the CIA.

The film has soared to the very top of the Netflix film charts with only the release of the third season of Sex Education topping it overall. When you consider the title at hand, it’s a marvel the film has had such a meteoric rise.

Ryan Reynolds films all day every day anyone?