Andrew Scott approached to play Tony Blair in Netflix’s The Crown
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Andrew Scott approached to play Tony Blair in Netflix’s The Crown

With The Crown set to begin filming on season five imminently, there is a frantic push to confirm the casting of various roles.

Variety has previously reported that the series will feature a revamped cast moving forward, with Elizabeth Debicki starring as Princess Diana, while Dominic West will take on the role of Prince Charles with Imelda Staunton starring as the Queen herself, and Lesley Manville portraying Princess Margaret.

Now Andrew Scott, the star known for playing the villainous Jim Moriarty in Sherlock Holmes, may well be set to join the roster. Speculation abounds that he will take on the role of former British Prime Minister, Tony Blair.

Despite all the fevered chat among fans on Twitter and reports in The Sun, when his agent was contacted by The Daily Mail he informed them that the star would be “unavailable” for the current filming dates, so “would have to shuffle his schedules to make The Crown role work”. Presumably Michael Sheen is also unavailable.

Andrew Scott is only one year older than the labour leader was when he came to power in 1997 and when viewed side by side there is a case that with the right make-up Scott could bear a striking likeness.

Filming of season five is set to begin in July, according to recent reports. The Netflix series has booked out space at Elstree Studios this summer, where the bulk of the show will be shot, hopefully for fans, if scheduling can be reshuffled then Andrew Scott will be part of it.

You can check out a trailer for the show below.