‘All Quiet on the Western Front’ hits Netflix top spot
(Credit: Netflix)

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‘All Quiet on the Western Front’ hits Netflix top spot

Netflix’s decision to throw a big budget at a remake of All Quiet on the Western Front has been proved a good one after the epic anti-war film took the most watched spot on the streaming service. 

The film narrowly beat out The Good Nurse in second place while The School for Good and Evil was somewhat adrift in third place, and The Takeover and Wild Is the Wind were another step down in fourth and fifth. 

All Quiet on the Western Front is based on Erich Maria Remarque’s novel of the same. The novel comes with the following synopsis: “In 1914, a room full of German schoolboys, fresh-faced and idealistic, are goaded by their schoolmaster to troop off to the ‘glorious war’.”

Continuing: “With the fire and patriotism of youth they sign up. What follows is the moving story of a young ‘unknown soldier’ experiencing the horror and disillusionment of life in the trenches.”

The film premiered on Netflix on October 28th, 2022 to coincide with the Remembrance Day period. With an anti-war message right at the forefront, the film has been praised by critics for its fidelity to the source material. 

You can check out the trailer for the German film below.