Alice Waddington to direct Netflix adaptation of ‘Dept H’
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Alice Waddington to direct Netflix adaptation of 'Dept H'

Director Alice Waddington is set to direct the upcoming Netflix film adaptation of Dept H, a widely beloved comic book series. 

Written and illustrated by Matt Kindt with Sharline Kindt colouring it, the comic book series was published in 2016 by Dark Horse Comics. The comic books have been adapted by TS Nowlin.

The film will be a part of Netflix and Dark Horse Entertainment’s deal. They have previously collaborated on projects like The Umbrella Academy and Polar. Their upcoming collaborations include the adaptations of Lady Killer and Mystery Girl

Matt Wagner’s Grendel will also be a part of their collaboration as the upcoming live-action series ordered by Netflix. 

Dept H revolves around the death of a well-known scientist who gets killed in a mysterious incident at a research station. His daughter, who is estranged from her father, goes under the water surface to investigate the same. 

Due to the increase in water level and pressure, the girl must race against all odds to try and solve the mystery and also uncover the sinister truth behind the purpose the station serves. 

If it can perform anything like their latest comic book dalliance, The Umbrella Academy, the streaming platform will be very happy.