Alex Murdaugh’s surviving son sues Netflix
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Alex Murdaugh's surviving son sues Netflix

The only surviving son of murderer and fraudster Alex Murdaugh is planning on suing Netflix and Warner Brothers over the documentaries they have made which connect him to the murder of his former classmate. 

Buster Murdaugh, aged 30, claims that the person depicted in the documentaries is unmistakably him, thanks to his distinctive red hair, which both he and his brother inherited from their father. It means that people are able to make the link between the documentary and Buster in real life given their features are so similar. In addition to taking the two major studios to court, Buster has announced he will also be suing several other media outlets for damaging his reputation. 

Buster states that there have been various films made that link him to the case involving the murder of his 19-year-old classmate Stephen Smith. 

Smith died in 2015 near the Mardaugh estate in South Carolina. It was initially ruled as an accident, but there have been some lines drawn between Buster and the potential murder. Buster wants to stop these lines from being drawn, stating it damages his reputation. An attorney acting on behalf of the Smith household has said that if Buster is trying to suppress information, then going to court will only have the opposite effect. 

Smith was openly gay and was thought to have passed away in a hit-and-run. However, following the ever-growing interest in the Murdaugh case, rumours started circulating that Smith and Buster had a sexual relationship. The case was reopened in June 2021, and in March 2023, his death was deemed to be a homicide. Smith’s mother, Sandy, had to launch a GoFundMe to pay for the exhumation of her son’s body. 

Buster is incredibly vocal on the ongoing investigation, stating that any reports which link him to the death of Smith are “vicious,” and is quick to point out that there are currently no allegations against him. 

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