Adam McKay serial killer comedy cancelled by Netflix
(Credit: Netflix)


Adam McKay serial killer comedy cancelled by Netflix

The forthcoming serial killer comedy from Adam McKay, Average, Height, Average Build, has been dropped by Netflix.

Written and directed by McKay and starring Robert Pattinson, Robert Downey Jr, and Amy Adams, Average Height, Average Build was announced earlier this year. It followed the story of Pattinson’s serial killer who enlists the help of Amy Adams’ lobbyist to change laws to help him get away with his crimes. On the other side of the proceedings, Downey Jr. played a retired police officer tracking the murderer.

Now, though, the plug has been pulled on the movie. As reported by DeadlineMcKay, who brought the project to Netflix, is leaving to work on a new one about climate change. It is claimed that the streaming giant isn’t planning on hiring another director for Average Height.

It is currently unclear if McKay’s new movie about climate change will be released on Netflix or will arrive on other platforms. 

Notably, McKay released the disaster movie Don’t Look Up on Netflix in December 2021. Featuring an ensemble cast, including Leonardo DiCaprio, Jennifer Lawrence, Meryl Streep and Ariana Grande, it told the story of two astronomers who attempt to alert the world about a comet that will destroy civilisation. 

Earlier in 2023, Adam McKay launched the nonprofit organisation Yellow Dot Studios to make videos and other material to raise public awareness of the climate emergency. This followed the viral hit of his spoof Chevron advert last year.

Watch the trailer for Don’t Look Up below.