Aaron Paul talks starring in ‘It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia’ with Bryan Cranston
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Aaron Paul talks starring in 'It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia' with Bryan Cranston

In an unexpected treat for TV lovers, Bryan Cranston and Aaron Paul, renowned for their roles in Breaking Bad, recently appeared in an episode of It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia. Playing exaggerated versions of themselves, Cranston assumed an aloof and submissive role to Paul, delightfully flipping the dynamics the duo is known for.

The storyline followed the duo on a tour of their Dos Hombres venture, the pair’s real-life Mezcal company, which saw them colliding with the Always Sunny gang. Regarding the experience, Paul had nothing but praise and admiration for the sitcom, particularly its team.

“Yeah, it was so much fun. I just loved that whole crew over there. I’ve known them for so many years, and what a dream, really,” Paul shared enthusiastically, adding how the appearance resulted from his pitches to Rob McElhenney and Glenn Howerton.

He explained in The Hollywood Reporter, “I have so much respect for that entire company over there, and I actually pitched Rob [McElhenney] and Glenn [Howerton] the idea of Bryan and I coming into Philly to do a Dos Hombres tour and somehow we connect. Maybe we would stumble into their bar and chaos is created, and that’s sort of what we did.”

Delving further into the appearance, Paul recalled the creative process. “So they came up with this idea, they threw the script at us and we were super excited to jump on board. It was great,” Paul confessed, adding how the experience renewed his passion for comic acting, “When I got to set and we started doing it, I quickly realized that I need to do more comedy. I really do, because that set is so fun.”

“Everyone was laughing and having such a great time,” Paul continued. “I wasn’t in a corner torturing myself and trying to get into a proper headspace for a traumatic scene I’m about to tackle. So, we had such a great time doing it.”

It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia has been known for its great guest appearances, right back to its casting of Danny DeVito, who went on to become a recurring main character. However, having the stars of Breaking Bad surely signifies the height of cultural crossovers in television.

The episode, titled ‘The Gang Corners Bryan Cranston and Aaron Paul’, is available on Netflix now.