A sequel to ‘The Sea Beast’ is in the works
(Credit: Netflix)

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A sequel to 'The Sea Beast' is in the works

Following the success of The Sea Beast on Netflix, director Chris Williams has announced that a sequel is in development. Since it debuted on July 8th, 2022, The Sea Beast has become the most-watched animated movie on the streaming service, racking up 165 million viewing hours. 

Alongside The Gray Man, Purple Hearts, The Adam Project, Hustle and The Tinder Swindler, The Sea Beast was one of Netflix’s most-watched films of last year. 

The movie follows Jacob, a sea monster hunter, and Maisie, a young orphan, as they search for a beast named the Red Bluster. Williams, who has previously directed animated movies such as Bolt and Big Hero 6, has revealed his plans for the sequel to Hollywood Reporter. He shared, “I never thought beyond the first movie.” 

He continued, “We were not planning for a series. And that was for the good. I just wanted to make this a fun experience and not compromise by trying to set up future anythings. A priority in the first one was making it feel plausible and truthful. And when I thought about the truth about where the Sea Beast ended, it looks like everything is nicely wrapped.” 

“You have the father and daughter sitting on the dock; the world has changed and given up monster hunting and isn’t that terrific? But the more I thought about the truth of it, the more I realised the story wasn’t really over.” 

Furthermore, Williams is also working on another project unrelated to The Sea Beast, which he describes as a mix between Game of Thrones and The Princess Bride.